Vanquish Fitness Campaign

Olivier Bonnema
11 Jan 2023
5 min read

Industry: Fitness Apparel


Vanquish Fitness, a leading fitness apparel brand, wanted to expand into the everyday wear market and increase brand awareness beyond their traditional audience.

They turned to Social Reframe to help create a buzz and generate excitement for their new line of everyday wear.


We hit the streets with Vanquish Fitness to showcase their new clothing line through a series of street interviews.

Our team of social media experts crafted short-form videos that showcased the versatility and functionality of the new line.

We optimized these videos for maximum reach across social media platforms, targeting audiences interested in fashion and lifestyle.


The results were epic!

We generated over 50 million views across social media, resulting in increased brand awareness and reach outside of the fitness apparel market.

Not only did we drive traffic to the Vanquish Fitness website, but we also helped increase sales of the new line of everyday wear.

As a bonus, we also gained Vanquish Fitness over 30,000 new followers on TikTok.

"Social Reframe helped us to smash through the fitness apparel market and expand our reach into the everyday wear space. Their team of creative geniuses crafted a campaign that resonated with our audience and surpassed our expectations. The results speak for themselves, and we're excited to continue working with Social Reframe to take our brand to the next level." - Vanquish Fitness.