Sale Sharks Rugby Club Campaign

Olivier Bonnema
11 Jan 2023
5 min read

Industry: Sports


Sale Sharks Rugby Club wanted to engage their fans and increase their online presence through a social media campaign.

They wanted to find a way to showcase their players and connect with their fans in a unique and engaging way.


Social Reframe worked closely with the Sale Sharks Rugby Club to create a social media campaign that showcased their players and fans.

We produced a series of short-form interviews featuring players and fans discussing their favorite moments and experiences with the team.

The videos were optimized for social media platforms and targeted to rugby fans and enthusiasts.


The campaign was a huge success, generating over 5 million views and thousands of engagements across social media platforms.

The videos helped to create a stronger bond between the team and their fans, and helped to increase brand awareness and reach.

The campaign also led to an increase in ticket sales and merchandise purchases for the team.

"Social Reframe was instrumental in helping us engage with our fans and grow our online presence. Their team was able to develop a unique and creative approach that resonated with our audience and helped us to achieve our marketing goals. We were thrilled with the results of the campaign and look forward to working with Social Reframe again in the future." - Sale Sharks Rugby Club.