Rode Microphones Campaign

Olivier Bonnema
11 Jan 2023
5 min read

Industry: Audio Equipment


Rode Microphones is a leading manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment, but they were struggling to increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

They wanted to find a way to showcase their products and demonstrate their superior audio quality to potential customers.


Social Reframe teamed up with Rode Microphones to create a unique marketing campaign that showcased their products in action.

We produced a series of videos featuring professional musicians, podcasters, and content creators using Rode Microphones in their work.

We also optimized the videos for social media and targeted them to a wide audience of potential customers.


The campaign was a huge success, generating over 2 billion views and millions of engagements across social media platforms.

Our videos helped to showcase the superior audio quality of Rode Microphones and highlight the brand's unique selling points.

The campaign also led to an increase in brand awareness and inquiries from potential customers interested in purchasing Rode products.

"Social Reframe was an excellent partner for our brand. Their team helped us to develop a creative approach that showcased our products in a unique and engaging way. We were thrilled with the results and the massive exposure that our brand received as a result of their campaign. We look forward to working with them again in the future." - Rode Microphones.