Earthle Campaign

Zak Howard
11 Jan 2023
5 min read

Industry: Mobile App, Geography & Education


Earthle is a mobile app that offers a fun and engaging way for users to learn about geography through trivia quizzes.

Despite their unique concept, Earthle was struggling to stand out in a crowded app market and attract new users to their platform.


Social Reframe was tasked with developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase Earthle's user base and engagement.

Our team created a targeted social media advertising campaign that highlighted Earthle's unique features and benefits.

We also optimized their app store listings, making it easier for users to discover and download the app.

Additionally, we collaborated with influencers in the education and geography space to spread the word about Earthle and drive more user engagement.


Our efforts paid off, and Earthle's user base and engagement grew significantly. We helped Earthle gain over 50,000 new downloads in just two months, a 250% increase in their user base.

Our advertising campaign generated an impressive 7x return on investment (ROI), and we helped Earthle increase their app store ratings to an impressive 4.9 stars.

We also received positive feedback from satisfied users, who loved the app's fun and educational trivia quizzes.


"Social Reframe has been instrumental in helping us grow our user base and reach a wider audience. Their team worked closely with us to understand our unique value proposition and create a marketing strategy that aligned with our brand values. We're thrilled with the results and couldn't be happier with their expertise and guidance." - Earthle.